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Adivi Sesh's heartwarming tribute to MAJOR Sandeep Unnikrishnan


As the nation remembers our heroes who fought bravely against terrorists during 26/11 Mumbai attacks on the 11th anniversary of the horrific events, Adivi Sesh, who is playing Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan in his next film 'Major', co-produced by Mahesh Babu, has paid homage to the martyred hero and shared his experience getting into the character.

Adivi Sesh, who has done a lot of research on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's life, said that the great man was quite opposite of "what one may expect of such a decorated war hero".

"As I embark on this journey of playing the man himself in our film, MAJOR, I can safely say this: his parents are now like my parents. I try, not without failure, to make his heart, my own. To smile like him. To walk like him. I know I can never be him. If only, I could capture the essence..", Adivi Sesh said, adding, "Researching this extraordinary man's life has made me question my own way of living, my own perception of existence".

Read Adivi Sesh's tribute to Major Unnikrishnan here:

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