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Tollywood shocked over Uday Kiran's death, reacts on twitter

Prakash Raj [email protected]: Extremely disturbed with the news of young actor udaykiran s suicide. What was wrong young man??? Sad. Shouldn't we find reasons to LIVE

pony prakashraj [email protected]: Shocked beyond words up to hear news of actor uday kiran committing suicide..I dont know what to say.... :( so disturbed with it

Gutta Jwala [email protected]: Pained and hurt to hear a young actor's untimely demise..just can't ustand our world sometimes..RIP uday Kiran!! :(

Gopi Mohan [email protected]: Very bad news about Uday Kiran suicide.We did Nuvvu Nenu film.Teja made him a star.He is a nice guy.Very sad news to hear in the morning.RIP

nani [email protected]: Shocked .. Shattered .. Clueless .. Restless .. Just don't know what to say .. Why why why?

Manchu Manoj [email protected]: Soo sad to hear one of my good friend Uday Kiran is No more ... God pl give strength to their family ...RIP babai... Will miss u alot:(

Nikhil Siddhartha [email protected]_Nikhil: Hearing some Unfortunate Unbelievable news abt Hero Uday Kiran... Please tell me that it is not True...

Nikhil Siddhartha [email protected]_Nikhil: No one can ever Experience or Understand what u were going through Uday Bhai... But we ppl who love u and ur movies are Devastated 2day..

Kichcha Sudeepa [email protected]: Udaykiran's news is a shocker,,was unable to react whn I got th news..spoke to him whn he ws here at blore less than a week bk.. RIP my frnd

Navdeep [email protected]: I Had seen d first glimpse of stardom in real life with uday! Life and its strange ways! Suicide is never d answer, Very sad news! #rip

nithiin [email protected]_nithiin49m: Just heard bout udaykiran..really sad.. May his soul r.i.p

Vimala Raman [email protected]: Omg just for the bad news R.I.P Uday Kiran who was my first ever co star in my first film 'Poi' . Such a lovely person and good hearted :( I'm really shocked to hear this news I don't know what to say guys :(

Lakshmi Manchu [email protected]: Omg! Heartbroken! Rip udaykiran. You were a sweet soul. Geees not fair :( devastating.

Priya Mani [email protected]: Woke up to hear the news of Uday Kiran!!!!R.i.p Uday!!!!one of the nicest and friendliest guys I knw!!!!deeply saddened by the news!!

nikesha patel [email protected]_patell: Never met uday kiran but hear so much about him. RIP uday xxxx

Sundeep Kishan [email protected]: Shocked..Uday Kiran is no more..was such a warm and nice person..depressing news..RIP brother..strength to his family

Varun Sandesh [email protected]: Very sadd that Uday Kiran is no more:-( Such a young chap... Was a very sweet n kind hearted guy... Still can't believe it:-( R.I.P. Uday!!!

khushbusundar [email protected]: Shocked to hear that a young n talented #UdayKiran is no more among us..worst u can do to urself n ur loved 1s is commit suicide..RIP ..

Radikaa Sarathkumar [email protected]: OMG sad to hear abt Uday kiran. RIP young soul,very shocked

CHARMME KAUR [email protected]: U never know wats behind tat smiling face !!! hope ur soul finds happiness whr ever u r now !!! RIP UDAY .. Strength to family !!

Madhura Sreedhar [email protected]: Met Uday Kiran for a coffee 3 months back. He looked so confident to bounce back! Very shocking to know that he is no more! God!!!!!

RAGHU KUNCHE [email protected]: Life Lo vochhe problems ni dhiryam ga face chesukoleni "pirikivaallu "chese, pichhi pani "suicide"- anyways you made a mistake "UDAY". I just really hate you Man :-( Nuvvalaa cheyyakundaa undaalsindi -- We really miss you "Thammudu".

Chinmayi Sripaada [email protected]: Sad to know about Uday Kiran's suicide. All of us have our own struggles with life. Most of us fight. Some give up. Wish they hadn't.

Lakshmi Rai [email protected]: Omg!!!shocked to hear uday Kiran is no more!!!??such a young man left too too soon! Can't believe !very sad:( rip uday Kiran.

Kalyani [email protected]: uday kirans suicide is so shocking:( so hard to digest..very sad news??

kamal kamaraju ~k k [email protected]: Shocking news today morning. During college I remember the rage he used to have among the girls! Told him this...

BVS Ravi [email protected]: Unfortunate n speechless with the news. Only, He could hv written an answer for our every "Y". God speed...

vennela kishore [email protected]: Shocked n feeling terrible by the news abt Uday Kiran ending his life..What he must've gone thru to take such a step..Cruel Pressures..RIP

Adivi Sesh [email protected]: Woke up to Uday Kiran news. Don't know how to react. I'm just...shocked.

Kousalya Singer [email protected]: Shocked by hearing the news that our Handsome and self made star is committed suicide. So sad. Big loss. Still I...

Gopichand Malineni [email protected]: Really Sad News abt Uday Kiran..RIP

snehaullal [email protected]: Omg what's happening to our actor clan.if it is sure he is happier where he is now.lets take a Uday moment and pray for him.amen

taapsee pannu [email protected]: Suicide rate across movie industry all over the world is getting scary. I wish god gives us all strength n reason to sail through all times.