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Story is the biggest USP of 'Jaan Say': Director S Kiran Kumar


'Jaan Say' is touted to be a new-age crime thriller directed by debutant S Kiran Kumar. Produced by Krithi Entertainment Productions, the film is also written by its debutant director. Ankith and Thanvi headlined it. Several well-known actors such as Tanikella Bharani, Anjali, and Banerjee are part of the cast. Sachin Kamal (music), MR Varma (editing), Mohan Chary (cinematography), and P Madan (dialogues) have worked on the film. In this interview, director Kiran Kumar talks about the film, what to be expected from it, his future plans, and more.

'Jaan Say' is a crime thriller with a romantic angle. There is a breezy love story in there. The title logo has been designed in such a way as to create suspense and also represent the three central characters. Two of the characters will be revealed during promotions. The third one is going to be kept under wraps.

The film is entirely fictional although it tells the story of a woman who is super-intelligent like a Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya and is also brave like Jhansi Laxmibhai.

I have toyed with the story of this film for about nine years. 'Jaan Say' is my debut outing. We completed the shoot and are doing post-production work. I turned into a director in order to narrate the stories I believe in, the thoughts I think, and the ideas I like. When I wanted to enter the film industry, I pitched the story to my wife, who really loved it and supported me. I am planning to screen 'Jaan Say' for my family members soon.

The title is a wordplay on the English word 'say' or 'says'. In another sense, it is a Hindi title. The story is its biggest USP. I believe in the strength of the story. Even the OTT-favouring audiences will surely immerse themselves in the film once they start watching it.

I have not only written and directed the movie but also produced it. During my journey thus far, I have realized that picking the right talents is a big deal. Working with the right people will make your work hassle-free and stress-free. In the case of 'Jaan Say', I am glad that my cinematographer was of great support. Everyone, including the composer and editor, played ball! Among the artists, the likes of Tanikella Bharani, Banerjee, Anjali and others have got nice roles. Thanks to everyone's cooperation, I could complete the film in 22 working days.

My expectations from 'Jaan Say' are minimal. All that I am expecting is a return for the money I have spent. Something like Rs 10 Cr went into the making. I am not expecting to incur profits. I just want it to reach the maximum number of audiences. I will plan my next project after the movie's release.

Puri Jagannadh's directing style is my personal favourite. That said, I want to have my own niche in the industry. To learn the basics, I joined a film institute to learn about shot-making, etc. With the confidence I got, I collaborated with talented technicians.

I am planning to release 'Jaan Say' sometime in early 2023.

Updated on December 12, 2022