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Nani opens up about film with 'Balagam' Venu


After the blockbuster hit 'Balagam', comedian Venu Tillu has come to be known as 'Balagam' Venu. He is billed to reunite with producer Dil Raju for a film led by Natural Star Nani. The film is tentatively titled 'Yellamma'. What is the progress on that front?

In his latest interview, Nani said that he is yet to hear Venu's narration and that he is ready to team up with the new-found filmmaking talent. He admitted to wanting to work with a "gem" like Venu after watching 'Balagam' earlier this year.

This project might take more than a year to happen, considering Nani is slated to do films with Tamil director Cibi in the meantime. Moreover, Vivek Athreya's 'Saripodhaa Sanivaaram' is yet to be completed.

Nani, meanwhile, awaits the release of 'Hi Nanna' on December 7. Ahead of the Thursday release of the family drama, a show for the media and a select set of audience members is going to be held on Wednesday evening at AMB Cinemas in Hyderabad.