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Pawan Kalyan will become a kingmaker for sure: Famous Astrologer


Renowned US-based astrologer PVR Narasimha Rao has analyzed Pawan Kalyan's birth charts. As per him, someone close to Power Star himself had told him the actor-politician was born in 1967 and not 1971 as mentioned by websites and cine media. In his election affidavit filed with the Election Commission, Pawan had mentioned his birth year as 1968 but the actual birth year is 1967 as per Rao's "credible" sources.

Rao said that Pawan doesn't have the prospect of becoming a Chief Minister as per his horoscope. "But he is in for the long haul, unlike his brother Chiranjeevi. In the next election cycle, his party will grow in strength. In the next-to-next cycle (that is, in 2028 or 2029), Pawan will grow to become a kingmaker," Rao said in his predictive analysis.

The astrologer, who has previously predicted the coronavirus pandemic, Russia-Ukraine war, Modi's rise, Yogi Adityanath's victories, Trump's downfall and other major events accurately, hinting that Jana Sena and BJP have the greatest potential to become the most dominant political force in Andhra Pradesh if they stay together.

Rao also suggested that the opposition doesn't have the stamina to defeat YCP in the next elections. "I see Jaganmohan Reddy retaining power," he added.