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Ginna Movie Review - Okay comedy, horrible thrills

October 21, 2022
Ava Entertainment & 24Frames Factory
Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore
Chota K Naidu
Kona Venkat
Anup Rubens
Dr. M. Mohan Babu
Eeshaan Suryaah

'Ginna', produced by AVA Entertainment and 24 Frames Factory, was released in theatres today (Oct 21). It is presented by Mohan Babu.


The story is set in a Seema town where G Nageshwar Rao, shortly termed Ginna, is into wedding logistics. He is neck-deep in debt, and his life revolves around his girlfriend Swathi (Paayal Rajput). There comes a point when he has to clear off a loan at the earliest. This is when his childhood friend Renuka (Sunny Leone) steps into the village with an agenda. Soon, scary and eerie incidents start unfolding. Some individuals are petrified, while the bad guys start getting killed. What is the mystery all about?


Manchu Vishnu dodges the bullet by not doing heavy-duty scenes. He tries to bring back his light-hearted persona to the big screen. But his comedy should have been way better. Payal Rajput's glamour quotient doesn't help. Sunny Leone is shockingly lackluster. It is as if an over-aged actor has been cast.

Chammak Chandra's comedy is rarely funny, whereas Vennela Kishore is consistently hilarious. He is the one comedian who lifts the spirits to an extent. VK Naresh doesn't have much to do, while Raghu Babu is boring. Divi Vadthya has an extended cameo. Satyam Rajesh and others are forgettable.

Anup Rubens' BGM is okayish. 'Jaru Mitayana' is an enjoyable dance number, while 'Golisoda' is enjoyable. Chota K Naidu's cinematography is dull. Chota K Prasad's sloppy editing drags down the film further.


Kona Venkat has not only written the film's story and screenplay but is also its creative producer. If you watch Anushka Shetty's 'Nishabdham' and 'Ginna' in quick succession, you will draw some similarities between the two films. We won't say anything more, as it would be a spoiler.

While the storyline of 'Ginna' demands a thrilling screenplay (this is not to say a thriller shouldn't be primarily made as a comedy entertainer), its sensibilities are stuck in a time warp. The big reveal that comes in the second half doesn't satisfy you. Both emotionally and atmospherically, 'Ginna' is off the mark.

After a nearly vacuous first hour, the second hour threatens to go from bad to worse. But Vennela Kishore uplifts the situational humour with his characteristic timing. He is a treat to watch alongside Chammak Chandra.

This film criminally miscasts Sunny Leone but that's not its biggest flaw. After keeping the viewer waiting for 90 minutes, it doesn't offer any pay-off worthy of being written about. The screenplay written around the village presidential election is outdated in toto. The fights test your patience, while the scenes meant to throw up horror effects are lazy.

The climax seems to have been shot with no awareness of the production values that today's viewer expects.

Closing Remarks

Obsolete sensibilities, emotional emptiness and largely unfunny comedy fail 'Ginna'. Vennela Kishore is its only saving grace.

Critic's Rating