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Chor Bazaar Movie Review

June 24, 2022
IV Productions
Akash Puri, Gehna Sippy, Archana, Sunil, Praveen, Emanuel, Sampoornesh Babu, Subbaraju, Venu Tillu
Jeevan Reddy
Jagadesh Cheekati
Anwar Ali
Gandhi Nadikudikar
Prasanna Dantuluri
Shiva Gaddam
Pruthvi Sekhar
Mittapalli Surendhar & Kasarla Shyam
Vikas Seegu
Sai maneedhar Reddy
Priyadarshan Balasubramanian
GSK Media
Anil Bhanu
Alluri Suresh Varma
Ram naresh, YNR, Satyam, KD Raja, Varma & KGK
Suresh Bobbili
V S Raju
Jeevan Reddy

'Chor Bazaar' was released in theatres today. It is produced by IV Productions.


The story is set in present-day Hyderabad. Bachchan Saab (Akash Puri) runs a flea market in the city. This is a buzzing market where stolen goods are sold at throwaway prices. The hero is also in love with a mute girl named Simran (Gehna Sippy).

Meanwhile, Gabbar (Subbaraju) wants to get the Chor Bazaar shut down through judicial intervention. The market is facing another crisis. The Home Minister (played by Sunil) and a funny ganglord sort of person (played by Sampoornesh Babu) are after a Rs 200-crore worth diamond that has found its way into the Chor Bazaar.

The film is about how Bachchan Saab faces enemies from multiple fronts while also keeping his love life alive.


Akash Puri has come out of his father Puri Jagannadh's shadow, finally. In 'Mehbooba' and 'Romantic', the stamp of Puri was visible. In the latter, especially, Akash's demeanor and approach to his character were driven by Puri's style. In 'Chor Bazaar', he brings out a new acting streak in him. His performance in the serious scenes is better than that in comedy and action segments.

Gehna Sippy is somewhat melodramatic at times. Nevertheless, she is sincere. Sunil plays a badly-written character with reasonable conviction. Subbaraju and Sampoornesh Babu are apt. Laxman Meesala shows talent.

This comeback film of yesteryear actress Archana fails her. As a sentimental 'mother' who brings up Bachchan Saab, she is a stock character.

Technical aspects

Suresh Bobbili's music for the songs keeps the film from getting too dull. Priyadarshan Balasubramanian's background score is just about okay. The editing department does a middling job. Art Director Gandhi Nadikudikar had the tough job of recreating the specific ambience of Hyderabad's crowded Chor Bazaar and he does it with reasonable care.

Bhanu Master's dance choreography is able, while Pruthvi Shekar's action choreography is strictly average.


Director Jeevan Reddy has handled the over-rated 'Dalam' and the monotonous 'George Reddy' in the past. 'Chor Bazaar' is his first commercial entertainer, where the crime comedy track has been given a step-motherly treatment. The track concerning the missing diamond is shoddy and full of cinematic liberties. Granted that most crime comedies throw logic into the dustbin, but the good among them always have some coherence at the very least.

The missing diamond track in the film under review involves a political heavyweight who has to hide the skeletons in his cupboard. There is an oddball character played by Sampoornesh Babu. Then there are a bunch of semi-serious goondas on the prowl. Together, they manage to pull off nothing exciting or way too hilarious.

The story's focus seems to be more on the love track. Even though the love story is not novel or emotionally touching, it at least has a start-middle-end feature to it.

Ideas like a viral YouTube video and a myth around the male protagonist's origin could have been dealt with in a far better fashion. The action scenes lack believability, with a three-time hero doing big things with ease. Like in 'Romantic', he remains unharmed even after multiple gun-wielders round him up!

Closing Remarks

'Chor Bazaar' could have been a distinctive crime comedy-drama set in an atypical market. It remains incoherent and half-baked.

Critic's Rating