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Thippara Meesam Movie Review

November 8, 2019
Rizwan Entertainment, Shri Om Cinema, Krishna Vijay L Productions & Global Cinemas
Sree Vishnu, Nikki Tamboli, Rohini, Achut Ramarao, Ravi Prakash, Banerjee, Naveen Neni, Lahari, Srikanth Aiyyangar, Praveen, Ravi Varma, Neha Deshpande, Pilla Prasad, Rajsekhar Aningi
Krishna Vijay L
Dharmendhra Kakarla
Sharmila Yelisetty
Vamsi Chinthala
Nagarjuna Thallapalli
Purna Chary & Alaraju
Sashi Kiran Kosuri
Satish Shetty, Bobby & Polaki Vijay
Ramakrishna & Real Satish
VFX/ Project Pebble Studios
Annapurna Studios
Vikas Pakkurthi
Vamsi Shekar
Anil & Bhanu
Vijayendra Mandla
Kirran Kummar Ghatkala
Manoj Kumar Mavilla
Kushi & Achut Ramarao
Rama Krishna Ponnaboina
Suresh Bobbili
Krishna Vijay L

Sree Vishnu's 'Thippara Meesam' has released today. Will this movie be another success for him after 'Brochevaarevaruraa'? Read on.


Mani (Sree Vishnu) does anything for 'money'. He grows up hating his mother Lalitha (Rohini) and works as a DJ in a night club. The only time he remembers his mother is when he is in need of some money. He is addicted to drugs, betting and every bad habit under the sun. He stoops to new lows every day and when he gets into trouble with a bookie, he goes to the extent of suing his mother for money.

He goes on a path of self-destruction and there's no stopping him. Will he ever mend his ways ? Why does he hate his mother in the first place ?


Sree Vishnu has given a sincere performance. He is good in a grey shaded character. He emotes well in emotional scenes. Rohini does a fine job as a mother with unconditional love towards her son. Banerjee gets to play an important role. Nikki Tamboli and others are good.

Technical aspects

The cinematographer does a decent job as the visuals look appealing in many scenes. Suresh Bobbili's background score is good.

Plus Points

Sree Vishnu & Rohini's performances
Mother sentiment
Basic story

Minus Points

First half


The story of 'Thippara Meesam' is good and the performances are sincere. Sree Vishnu once again proves that he is here to stay. His characterization and performance are good. He makes an impact and Rohini does a great job in the role of a mother. The director brings out good performances, but we feel the narration should have been more engaging. The first half has some dull moments. The climax has been executed well.

Watch it for good mother-son sentiment.