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Media - The Narada

Dear Readers,

It is painful to see such turmoil in otherwise calm and sort after place in India.  The past 20 days have seen how the divide among people can be brought by mere words than any deeds.  These so called leaders who have done nothing to the state have suddenly surfaced without any concern for common man’s comforts and livelihood but only with focus on the money spinning chairs.

If this is the tale of selfish politicians what irks me is that even the educated lot in the media could not play any role in avoiding disruption, but in the name of freedom of speech and democracy have well utilized these opportunities in generating some fast bucks.  It gives me a feel that among all the people it is the media which played a vital role in not solving the problem but blowing it out of proportions.

What else would you say to instigation by a reporter soon after the Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram’s message?  If I’ve to repeat the unnecessary words like “Now it is remained to be seen how the pro-Telangana will react to the latest statement given by Home Minister P Chidambaram.”  Are these words necessary?  Can they not play a role with the reach to nook and corner of the state?If they had thought, they could have reduced the intensity of all the incidences by their pro-peace attitude than pouring oil on the already burning fire.  It is nothing but a “NARADA” effect in negative sense.

I am convinced at the power of media and its destructive results if used in a wrong way.  Wake up my dear country men.  Do not fall prey to these selfish motives and exhibit the humane in you.


Mrs. Jyotsna Rao


[email protected]

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