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'Sound Party' is a bona fide comedy in times of thrillers: Producers Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra


Producer Ravi Polishetty, after making the digital hit 'Vitamin She', wanted to go big by producing a theatrical release. He listened to more than two dozen stories but none of them inspired him. In the end, when director Sanjay Sheri offered him a laugh riot, the Full Moon Media Productions supremo latched on to it. 'Sound Party', led by VJ Sunny, Sivannarayana and Hrithika Srinivas, is gearing up for a release on more than 100 screens in the Telugu States and 150 screens in the US on November 24. In this interview, producers Ravi Polishetty and Mahendra Gajendra talk about their movie and its merits, saying that the hilarity factor is what holds the film.

We come from an IT and realty sector background. We have been business partners. After producing short films, music albums and 'Vitamin She', I (Ravi) decided to produce a series of movies. 'Sound Party' came my way and I went ahead with it. After the release of this comedy entertainer, I will be making new announcements. I have at least ten stories ready already.

VJ Sunny proved his talent with the web series 'ATM'. Since I am new, I am aware that star heroes won't prefer to work with me. I am practical that way. Sunny's acting chops will surely draw laughs. His scenes with his onscreen dad (Sivannarayana) and others (like Saptagiri, Prudhviraj and Ali) will be hilarious. Both Sunny and his father in the movie know nothing and, thanks to their ignorance, get into a trap. Hrithika Srinivas and the father-son duo are yin and yang.

It is understandable that the budget for our movie went up even though the number of working days was twenty-six. Some things are not in the producer's control.

Besides being a producer, I am also a writer. For 'Sound Party', I didn't write any scenes per se. However, since the director was not fully aware of the Bitcoin economy, I gave some input to an episode. As for the title justification, in colloquial language, rich people are referred to as 'sound party'. That's what the title is all about and there is nothing more to it.

We are happy with the scale of the release. We are getting very good support from distributors. We also thank the media for taking our movie to the audience. On November 24, we are expecting the 'word of mouth' to do the rest. This is the best release date we could have chosen, considering that a series of big movies have blocked release dates starting December 1.

Updated on November 20, 2023